What Types of SEO Strategies Work Best?

Navigating the ever-changing world of SEO can feel like a maze.
28 June 2024 by
What Types of SEO Strategies Work Best?
Florin Radu

What Types of SEO Strategies Work Best?

Navigating the ever-changing world of SEO can feel like a maze. In my decade-long journey, I've seen straightforward strategies win time and again.

Let's talk about Google News, for instance – using structured data tags such as “Article” or “NewsArticle” helps clarify your content type to Google, boosting chances to shine in "Top stories". Shortened 110-character headlines are golden here too. 

For BrandPublic clients aiming high on rankings naturally, it’s essential they get their technical game right.

Sites must load fast and be mobile-friendly with minimal intrusive ads - all ticking boxes for Core Web Vitals compliance which is key after Google's experience update late last year. It stands not just as guidelines but embodies trustworthiness at its core – something we live by when crafting credible content that performs brilliantly in search results.

Optimising Content for Google's Latest Updates

Optimising content for Google's newest updates is simple but vital. 

Now, Google values fresh stories and trustworthy sources. So our aim at BrandPublic is to create original pieces that grab attention fast.

We do this by writing on hot topics people care about right now. 

First, we make sure all articles are up-to-date with the latest happenings – freshness counts a lot! Next, we focus on credibility; as an authority in digital marketing, it's crucial to maintain high-quality standards across everything published under the Search Engine Optimisation banner.

Every piece must load quickly too and be easy for people to read on any device – usability matters more than ever before with these changes from good ol' Google. 


Mastering On-Page SEO with BrandPublic Strategies

Alright, let's dive deep into on-page SEO strategies that truly work. 

We begin by crafting stand-out content since top-notch web pages answer user questions fully and draw them back repeatedly for more insights or products. You see, Google loves a site that keeps people happy and engaged.

Now on to meta titles – these bad boys are the deal-breakers of whether someone clicks your link or skims past it in search results. 

Think short but punchy; use targeted keywords right off the bat to grab those engines' attention while staying clear of keyword stuffing! 

No domain names needed here — save your character limit for something snazzy that hooks readers at first glance.

Descriptions need not be drab either; they're like mini ads inviting users with compelling reasons why clicking through is worth their time—use unique words here individuals, avoid duplication like yesterday’s news! 

When you’ve got great copy ready, think logically structured headings from H1 down to H4s. Make sure spelling is spot-on because nobody trusts a typo-ridden text block!

And how about images? 

They’re pretty essential too – keep ‘em relevant with careful ALT tags ensuring even screen-readers get the picture (pun intended). 

Don’t forget CDNs which serve up content faster than Usain Bolt running downhill really helps boost loading speeds crucially important both for keeping visitors happy and tickling those finicky SEO metrics just right.


Rank Naturally with Smart Keyword Optimisation

Smart keyword optimisation is key for climbing those search ranks. 

It's all about understanding what your audience hunts for and shaping content to match it. Here, we look at keywords that folk are likely to type into Google when they’re close to grabbing their wallets or need guidance – think of these as golden nuggets!

Start with research—find out words related to your service or product then dig deeper. Use tools; peek at competitors' terms too! Once you've got a solid list, weave these words naturally into titles, headings and throughout the body of pages.

Remember not just any word will do - be choosy! 

Pick ones that have enough searches but aren’t swamped by every Tom, Dick and Harriet on the net. This isn't set-and-forget either—it’s smart moves over time tweaking as trends shift so keep an ear down.

Plus make sure each page targets different gems avoiding cannibalizing own efforts. And don't stuff them in there like sardines – no one likes spammy reads anymore than spam email! 

Get this right though?

You're gold-dust bound my friend with traffic flowing free from paid ads clutches.

Alright, so when chatting about top-notch SEO strategies, it's all about striking a balance. 

You'll want to blend robust keyword research with stellar content that truly answers what individuals are curious about. Don't forget local SEO either; making sure your business pops up on those maps matters heaps!

Plus, optimising for mobile and nailing page speeds? Big wins there too. 

At BrandPublic, we mix these ingredients with a pinch of humour because let’s be fair - even algorithm chats can have a lighter side! 

Good Vibes!

What Types of SEO Strategies Work Best?
Florin Radu 28 June 2024
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